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You've got legal problems.
Finding the right attorney shouldn't be one of them.

Zealous makes it easy and convenient for you to find attorneys appropriate to your personal circumstances.

Assess your case

Help us learn about your situation by answering some simple questions. No legal background is necessary - we'll do the heavy lifting for you!

Request a consult

We'll then use your answers to identify the appropriate attorneys for your issue. Further personalize your search by adding filters specific to your needs.

Match and meet

No more chasing down attorneys and playing phone tag. Attorneys come to you! Review your matches and select the ones you would like to meet.

Your simple guide to legal justice

We've pored over thousands of cases and condensed them into an easy-to-use questionnaire to save you countless hours of research. We'll quickly get to the heart of your matter and let you get on with life.

Frequently asked questions

Does this cost me money to use?

No, we do not charge the general public anything to use our service. Doing so would go directly against our mission statement to increase people’s access to justice in our legal system.

What happens after I submit a request?

Once you submit a request, your questionnaire is sent to attorneys who specialize in your particular legal issue and who are within your geographic area. And then, get on with your day. You’ll be hearing back from interested attorneys soon! Most importantly, you’ll have ultimate control of who you would like to meet — there is absolutely zero obligation to meet with any attorney when using Zealous.

Can anyone see my personal information?

No, they cannot. We understand that legal issues and/or complications can be a sensitive topic and confidentiality is one of our top priorities. Consistent with that, your contact information is kept hidden. Only when an attorney has expressed interest in meeting with you will your contact information be revealed to only that attorney.

We do not engage in providing legal advice — our aim is solely to provide generalized guidance to the public.

Contact us

Got questions that we forgot to address? Or feedback regarding our service? Please direct all corres­pondence to founders@tryzealous.com.


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